Resume Writing Services in Mumbai:

Resume, Bio-Data, Curriculum Vitae, Profile

We help professionals and freshers write, rewrite or correct their resume or change it as per the requirement of the candidate. Our team of industry HR experts, domain experts will go through your bio-data and suggest changes to make it look interesting enough to win an interview. Get your profile reviewed and get feedback from experts.

Career Guidance is done free of cost along with Resume Writing & Correction

Charges: For freshers  Rs. 500, Rs, 1000 for Junior Management Profiles,

Rs 2000 for Sr. Management Profiles.

Resume Writing Services Mumbai  Resume Writing Services Mumbai

Resume Writing:

Different names are used to describe a resume. Sometimes it is referred to as Bio-Data, sometimes curriculum vitae and sometimes it is called profile. A resume is a factual representation of a professional’s education, experience, training, work experience, professional achievements, contributions and his potential. This document is for the prospective employee to judge his suitability for the job he or she has applied for.

This is a very vital document and is known as Bio-Data, Curriculum Vitae, Resume or Personal Profile. All the names suggest the same document. Resume is an essential document needed before a person decides to apply for any job. Resume or Bio-Data gives an initial information needed to an employer before he decides to call a candidate for an interview. The resume is written by the candidate and he can decide to project all he wants and at the same time he can hide what he does not want the prospective employer to see.


Bio-Data must be written very carefully and the writing should reflect the candidate’s abilities and potential. It should arouse enough interest in the reader to decide to call the candidate for a personal meeting. Often by reading the resume, the HR forms an opinion and many a times even a good candidate misses to get a call for an interview, due to badly written resume. Whereas ordinary candidates get a call for a meeting purely due to nicely presented facts in his resume.

A good resume is must to get a call for an interview. Often because the resume is badly written and presented, a professional loses an opportunity. Resume should be nicely written and must be presentable enough to catch the attention of the recruitment manager and win a call for a meeting. It’s the first impression of the prospective employee. There are certain do’s and don’t s which must be taken care of. We help you in getting your resume corrected or rewritten to increase the chances of getting a call for an interview.

There are certain issues in minds of people related to a resume. These are:

  1. Writing objectives on the resume
  2. Career Summary or Professional Summary
  3. No of pages in a resume
  4. Personal details
  5. Writing about education and professional qualification
  6. Writing job descriptions and contributions and achievements
  7. Writing about professional trainings and certifications.
  8. The order and the sequence of the writing education and experience
  9. Mentioning about hobbies and interests
  10. Writing about the strengths and weaknesses
  11. Writing references
  12. Writing a one page profile or a single paragraph profile
  13. Resume of a fresher Vs. Young working professional
  14. Resume of a senior person
  15. Can the resume be dated or signed?

All these concerns are addressed here and the candidate is given full support in his efforts in getting a job, changing job or changing careers.

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