Psychology Counselling Course : Introduction

We are a group of Psychologists conducting various certificate courses in Counselling Psychology and other Psychology Workshops for our clients in Mumbai. We are also active in corporate sector conducting soft skills training and part-time workshops in Psychological Counselling topics. If you are interested in enrolling yourself for one of our part time counselling courses in Mumbai, please call us and speak to one of our counsellors.

During our work we used to come across a lot of people who were interested in learning Counselling Psychology part time and used to ask us if there are short term certificate courses in Counselling Psychology available in Mumbai. They were also interested in knowing about advance Courses in Counselling. We realized that there are a lot of professionals who may not be from Psychology Background but, they are interested in doing a short term certificate course in counselling or, a part time certificate course in Psychology to add value to their profession.

Thinking of their needs and demand, we designed this “Short Term Counselling Psychology Certificate” course. This is a short term weekend certificate course in Psychology with Counselling, which gives them an overview of the subject of Counselling & Psychology. This course also introduces them to the world of Counselling Psychology. This is an ideal course for professionals looking for short term certificate course in counselling.

This is an excellent course designed for all who are directly involved in any helping relationship like Teachers, Medical Professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists etc.) HR Professionals, Trainers, Social Workers, Care givers, Lawyers, Students of Psychology, HR Students, Parents, and all those who are passionate about this subject. In our society we all help each other emotionally, so for all those who are helping others, this course will give more insights and knowledge to be able to help better.

This a practical workshop with lot of interactions and case discussions along with activities, exercises, role plays and personal experience sharing. This makes this counselling course very interesting and easy to learn for all.

We have fifteen empanelled psychologists faculties and special educators with more than ten years of practice experience. Each course we have five psychologists teaching which gives participants more exposure and varied perspective of the subject of applied psychology and counselling.

A Six Weekends Certificate Course in Psychology and Counselling in Mumbai.

Course Timings: 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. for a total of 6 Sundays. New batches start every 2 months.

Course Venue: 529, A-Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon(East), Mumbai-400065.

Counselling Course  Psychology Course

A Psychology Awareness Course for all

For whom:

This course is designed exclusively for people who have non-psychology background. This is an unique opportunity for people who want to formally learn psychology and take advantage of the knowledge gained by applying in their lives.  This course is suitable for people of all professions and disciplines. This course is designed keeping in mind needs of students, HR professionals, team leaders, marketing and CRM professionals, training professionals, OD practitioners, people from hospitality and service background, teachers, professors, parents, medical practitioners, social workers, management students, undergraduate students of psychology,

Course Objectives:

  • To spread awareness about the science of psychology and educate non-psychology background people about the concepts which they can use and apply in their personal and professional lives.
  • To help Professionals analyze their own behavior during workshops and help them improve their behavior with, Clients, Colleagues, Superiors and Subordinates.
  • To help teachers understand the various behavioral and academic difficulties of students, know about special needs of slow learners, teaching techniques, mental processes of learning and attention.
  • To facilitate Psychology Students, know their aptitude for psychology and get educated and prepared for future study.
  • To facilitate Parents use basic counselling skills to deal with family/children issues.
  • To facilitate medical practitioners win their Patient’s confidence, conformity and smiles.
  • To enable HR Professionals learn about psychometric testing, counselling skills, attitude and behavior of people and use it to organization’s advantage.


  •  Introduction of the Course – The Science of Psychology and its various Disciplines, Brief History of Schools of Psychology, Methods of Psychology, Ethical issues in Psychology, Code of Conduct of a Counselor, Myths of Psychology, Psychotherapies, Life Skills and Psychoanalysis.
  • Counselling Skills and Techniques- Basics of counselling, Counselling Process, Techniques of Counselling, Implications of Counselling, Therapies, Counselling tips for every one for use in daily life.
  • Psychological Testing and Assessment- What is Psychological Testing, Characteristics of a Psychological Test, Types of psychological test, Advantages and disadvantages of a test and its application.  We don’t teach how to conduct a psychological test and scoring to non-psychology people.
  • Childhood Disorders – Behavioral and Academic Difficulties in Children, Dealing with Children issues. Symptoms, Treatment and Counselling with Specific inputs for Parents and Teachers. Special Education: Teaching strategies to deal with children with special needs. Learning Disabilities.
  • REBT- Thought regulation, Emotion regulation, Belief system, Decision Making.
  • Mental Disorders: Common Psychological Problems in Adults, Symptoms and Treatment. Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders, Stress Disorders, Case Discussions, Role of a Clinical Psychologists Vs Psychiatrist.

Course Details:

Lectures Timings: Only Sundays ( Morning 9.00a.m-1.00 pm) Total 6 Sundays

Eligibility: Graduates / 10 + 2 (for Psychology Students).

Course Fees: Please contact us with participant details to avail special discounts (Mobile: 9869018775).

Faculty Team:

Our visiting faculty team consists of practicing psychologists from industry who have more than ten years of experience. We have a team of Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists and Special Educators.

Our team has been conducting the certificate course in Counselling Psychology in Mumbai since 10 years. We take pride in teaching counselling psychology to teachers, doctors, HR and training professionals, undergraduate students of psychology and social workers.

Contact for Admissions:

Praveen Singh


Director and Lead Faculty

Cogito Training and Counselling Centre, 529, A Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall,

Royal Palms, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400065

Tel: 9869018775,,

Formal Psychology and Counselling Education in Mumbai

Post graduate Courses in psychology or counselling is not open to all. To have a career in Psychology, one must study Psychology from first year of college onwards. In Mumbai University, Psychology or Counselling Psychology is taught as a discipline of Arts. So the degree in graduation in Psychology is TYBA. All Mumbai university affiliated colleges do not have a Psychology Department and they do not offer this course in their third year. Only few colleges have a proper department in Psychology. This is because, colleges must have a separate faculty of Psychology, Laboratory and Library. The subjects taught during third year of Psychology, TY BA Level are, Counselling Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, Psychological Testing and Statistics, Psychology Practical etc. Third year Course in Psychology, is also called Three Years Integrated Degree Course in Psychology. This means, all the three years of graduation study is needed to take admission in the third year of Psychology.

Cross Discipline students are not given admission in TYBA of Psychology Degree. The same rules continue for MA in Psychology Course admissions. Only those students who have done their major course in psychology in their third year of BA are eligible for admission in MA in Psychology. This leaves no option for non-psychology background students. They are not allowed to do MA in Psychology because they did not study psychology in their graduation. Such students will have to repeat their graduation in Psychology to become eligible to study Psychology Masters.

After completing the third year Psychology Major Course, students become eligible to take admission in Master’s Programme In Psychology, where the students can further specialise in Psychology subjects of Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Applied Psychology, Social Psychology and Industrial Psychology.

This Master’s degree course is offered by University of Mumbai and SNDT University in Mumbai. Students have an option of choosing any of these universities for doing their Masters Degree in Psychology. The most popular specialisations are Counselling Psychology and Clinical Psychology.

Psychology as a Career

Counselling Psychologists are those who have completed their masters in counselling psychology. They usually work in schools and others educational institutions as counsellors. There are different career paths for a counselling psychology specialisation students. Apart from joining a school as a counsellor, they can practice on their own as career counselling expert, family counselling expert, or family counsellor. Clinical Psychology students join the psychiatry departments of hospitals and work with psychiatrists. The industrial Psychology specialisation students work in HR departments and training departments of industries.

How our Certificate Course in Psychology and Counselling helps?

First, we welcome people from all walks of life to learn psychology and counselling. This is a basic awareness certificate course in psychology. Counselling is a topic which concerns all. E.g. Teachers have to do counselling of their students, doctors must know counselling to deal with their patients. HR Managers must know counselling to do employee counselling, performance counselling, motivational counselling etc. Same is for social workers, churches, nurses, and all those who are directly or indirectly involved in a helping profession.

HR Professionals and teachers must also know about assessments. Our Psychology certificate course gives sufficient information about different types of assessments, their usage, and applications. After having undergone this Psychology and Counselling certificate course, they know about the different types of tests, like IQ, EQ, Interests, Aptitude, Personality etc. Most importantly, they know when and why to go for such testing. We don’t teach them to conduct these psychological tests. But we educate them enough to know how and when to take advantage of it.

Parents are another group of people who must be taught counselling psychology and special education topics so that they know how to deal with small kids as well as adolescents. There is a lot in the subject of counselling psychology for parents to learn.

This certificate course also deals with others concepts of psychology which are powerful enough to effectuate a personal change or attitudinal change in the participants. So counselling certificate courses also helps in developing the persons undergoing the psychology course.

Another group which benefits the most from this counselling psychology certificate course are the students who are studying psychology as one of the subjects in their graduation studies. They may be from junior college or in their first, second or third year of graduation. Junior college students want to know if they should continue studying psychology after their intermediate studies or they should opt for subjects other than psychology. They basically want to know more about this psychology and counselling subject to decide whether to continue their studies in psychology or move on to other disciplines. Same is the case with degree college students. They also want to know if they should go for major in Psychology or change their specialisation. This short-term Psychology Counselling Certificate Course helps students in knowing different disciplines of psychology in advance to take the right decision and prepare for it.

This makes this part-time certificate course in psychology and counselling unique and useful for many. Our Psychology Counselling Certificate Course is open to all who want to take advantage of this knowledge and develop themselves personally and professionally. We are organising these Workshops in Psychology and Counselling since 2010 in Mumbai. We have been getting excellent reviews and feedback from the participants of our Counselling Workshops and Psychology Certificate Course. This has motivated us to continue and keep organising the Counselling Courses and the Psychology workshops. Encouraging testimonials and feedback by our participants has helped us in fine tuning and upgrading our Certificate Course in Psychology.

Testimonials and Feedback of our Psychology Course from our past students

The first batch of our Psychology and Counselling Certificate Course happened in 2009 in the premise of Chanakya Institute of Management Studies, Andheri (West), Mumbai. Since then we have continued to organise this Psychology Workshop in various locations in Mumbai. Multiple successful batches were conducted at Dr. P.N.Singh Centre for HRD in Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400055. In 2016 we moved to our own premise in Goregaon(East), Mumbai-400065. And have already run five new batches of our Counselling Course successfully.

We take feedback of our Psychology Workshops from our participants in a very structured manner, both formally as well as informally. We document it for implementation and improvement. Based on the feedback of our Short Term Psychology Certificate Course, we have brought in many improvement in the Counselling Certificate Courses and Psychology Workshops. The Faculty Psychologists are chosen very carefully; and we claim that we have very competent and passionate faculties in our team who teach in our Psychology workshops and Counselling Certificate Courses.

Please find here few of the comments and feedback by our past participants of Psychology and Counselling Workshops organised in Mumbai.