Proposal for two days programme on Faculty Development.

Teaching is a noble profession and it must be taken up by noble people who have the knowledge, aptitude and interest for teaching. It’s a job of great responsibility as it involves shaping up minds and lives of hundreds of students and making them socially responsible human beings.

Having knowledge about a subject is not enough for a faculty, it is in fact his/her ability to transfer that knowledge and inspiring learning which is more important.  Transferring knowledge is a skill which can be mastered over a time. This programme aims at discussing these issues in detail and intends to inspire and motivate faculties to learn & adopt newer methods of teaching to the benefit of students & the institution.

Programme Title: Faculty Development Programme

Programme Objective:

  1. To help faculties understand the importance & impact of teaching on students and their lives.
  2. To help faculties understand and change their attitude & approach towards teaching.
  3. To help faculties improve their communication in terms of feedback to the students.
  4. To teach ways to motivate and inspire more participation and involvement from students.
  5. To help faculties learn new and interesting methods of teaching.
  6. To help participants learn to design a teaching programme
  7. To inspire participants learn classroom management and student handling skills.
  8. To improve platform & delivery skills of faculties.

Programme Contents

Day – I

  • Introduction to ToT. Teaching- Its importance, The role it plays in Student Development, Sharpening the skills, Capacity Building, Counseling & Mentoring.
  • Attitudinal Change – Paradigm Shift in mindset
  • Team Building for Teachers
  • Moving from Teaching & Training to Facilitating
  • Changing attitude of students, Influencing students into participating, Involving all in learning.
  • Platform Skills: Public Speaking, Presentation Skills & Feedback.
  • Classroom Skills: Communicating, Engaging the student, Keeping the interaction high, Involving all, Handling questions, Managing disturbance & indiscipline.

Day- II

  • Psychology of students, Understanding Body Language, Eye Contact, Voice Modulation,
  • Content and delivery- preparing the right content and presentation strategy, story telling and exercises for students.
  • Domains of learning, Concept of Specific Learning Objectives.
  • Different teaching methods and using teaching aids.
  • Motivating students into learning, appreciating, encouraging, supporting & handholding, Rapport building.
  • Counseling Skills, Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Stress & Manger Management
  • Time Management & Goal Setting

For : College Teachers, Batch Size: 25 participants Duration: Two Days

Methodology: Lecture, Presentation, Interactions, Activities, Exercises, and Feedback.

Course Material: Course material with be provided

Faculty Fees: Rs. 20,000 for One Day  (Six Hours)