English Speaking & Writing Improvement Course

There are two reasons why Indians are preferred for outsourcing of jobs. One is that Indians are Intelligent and second is their proficiency in the Queen’s language.

We have managed to create this impression that we are an English Speaking nation. This is one major factor because of which we see Indians settled successfully all over the globe.

But is this the case for everyone? Sadly the answer is a big “NO”.

Many of us are still struggling to find the confidence to utter a few words in English. Result – Low self esteem, Low confidence, Less job opportunity,  and to add  to it is the social stigma attached that, “ If you cant speak English you are not educated enough”.

Should we continue to be what we are or should we do something about it?

Yes, But how?

This is the concern that we will address in through this programme.

This course will help you learn ways to transform your personality by adding confidence in you through skills which will help you speak English.

For whom:

  • This programme is for anyone and everyone who has basic knowledge and can read and write in English
  • This programme is for the person who understands the importance of learning conversational English
  • All professions and all age group
  • Whoever is willing to practice and put efforts to learn it.


  • Participants will learn ways to speak in English
  • Increased self esteem
  • High confidence


  1. Vocabulary Building
  2. English Grammar Basic
  3. Basic steps of learning
  4. Practice sessions (class room exercises)
  5. Practice exercises (home work)
  6. Role plays (Learning to talk)
  7. Review & Feedback
  8. Practice improvisation Exercises

Methodology: Lecture, Discussions, Interactions, Practice sessions, Practical Assignments etc.
Faculty Fees :Rs. 6000

Fees include:  Conveyance charges and material preparation charges.

Duration :  Six Sessions (Each session of 1.5 hours)

Timings :  Saturdays (2-4PM)