Location: 529, A Wing, Mainframe Building, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon(East), Mumbai – 400065
training-hall-on-hire-in-mumbai Renting a meeting room along with a training hall in Mumbai

Reasonable and Affordable Training Hall / Classroom Available on rent in Goregaon, Mumbai.

We are a Training and Counselling  Services Firm and Institute for Psychology Education. We  share and give our training room on rent to other parties at a reasonable amount. We also give our cabin classroom on rent.  We give our training room on rent  to people who use it only  teaching, training or academic purposes. In a city like Mumbai, it’s very difficult to get a classroom on rent , or a training room on rent, and that too at a reasonable cost. We help all who are struggling to get a conference room on hire, cabins on rent  to conduct group meetings, training programmes or run short term courses in our classroom.

Meeting Rooms on Hire/Office Space on Hire /Office Cabin on Rent

We have two small sized meeting cabins available on rent which can accommodate three people. These meeting cabin rooms are ideal for conducting formal meetings, with clients, business associates, business partners or to hold interviews. There are many young professionals who may need office space sharing  or meeting rooms, cabins on rent for a short time i.e. for few hours in a day or for few days in a week or month. This is an ideal arrangement for such young professionals looking for a fully equipped office cabin on rent.

Location of our Training Hall, Classroom, Seminar Hall & Meeting Rooms

It’s a nice training classroom which can accommodate at least twenty people. We also have two meeting rooms which we intend to share with other likeminded professionals or give the meeting room  on hire for academic purposes. We are holding all our Psychology Courses, Counseling Courses and Psychology based workshops there. Our office is located in serene and beautiful Aarey Milk Colony, which is in Goregaon East locality of Mumbai.  This place is very peaceful , pollution free and is surrounded by lush green forest from all sides. It’s an ideal place for learning and knowledge sharing.

Our Psychology Courses (Counseling & Psychology Short term Course)

Our Psychology Courses are usually held on Sundays and rest of the days our training hall cum Classroom is free to be used by other professionals on other days. May people also hire our classroom on hourly basis or half day basis. We are open to giving our conference room on hire.

Facilities and Amenities in our Training Hall

Our training room is fully equipped and is ready for conducting sessions for a day or more. We have very comfortable cushioned chairs, where participants can sit comfortably  for a long time. The chairs are not fixed so the seating arrangement can be modified and can be placed in  a typical classroom style or U type seating  or semicircle types. The chairs in our has a writing pad attached to it along with an arm rest on the other side. The total capacity of our training hall is 20. We can increase few more seats if needed and make it a 25 capacity training room.

We have a whiteboard in our classroom. For presentations or for showing educational video clips or training movies, we have a wall mounted 40” LED TV in our training room which can be easily connected with the laptop or PC using the VGA slots given in the PC. The old HDMI slots may not work here. The Training room is air-conditioned.


Tea & Snacks for Participants

We have a small pantry area and have a restroom close to the training hall. During training,  participants may need Tea and Snacks.  It can be ordered from outside. Snacks and lunch can be ordered  or arranged as and when it is needed. Bottled water is available for the participants of our classroom.

WiFi Facility:

Our office has a WiFi facility available for user of cabin rooms and training classroom. WiFi facility is an extra facility which we provide at a nominal cost.

Summary of Amenities in Training room and cabin classrooms & Charges

  1. Training Classroom – 20 People Capacity, Cushioned Chairs with writing pad attached.
  2. Air-Conditioned
  3. White Board & Marker
  4. 40’ Inch Screen LED TV with VGA Cable for Presentations
  5. Drinking Water
  6. Wifi (Chargeable)
  7. Tea & Snacks (Chargeable)
  8. Laptop (Chargeable)

Cabins: Two Cabins and Shared office place for 5 people.

Charges : Training Room – We charge on the basis of per day (7 hours) our half-day (3 hours). We only rent our training room for workshops or training seminars (academic purposes). Our prices are the most reasonable keeping in mind the educational use of our premise. Call us on 9869018775 to check availability of the training room on your desired date(s).

Meeting room: In addition to the training room, trainers or firms hiring our training hall may hire one or more meeting rooms as well. Meeting rooms can be utilized for pre-training preparation and post-training administration purposes. You may also hire our meeting room(s) for interviews, business meetings and one-to-one training purposes. Call us on 9869018775 to check availability of the meeting room on your desired date(s).

Photographs of Our Training Hall / Classroom on Hire & Meeting Room on Hire

Please find below pictures of our training hall and meeting rooms.

For bookings and any other queries on renting please contact:

Praveen Singh


Director & Lead Faculty

Cogito Training & Counseling Centre

529, A Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall,

Royal Palms, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400065

Tel: 9869018775, www.cogitoindia.com