Personality Development

Often it has been found that schools and colleges stress more on developing the academic skills of students and in this process certain very critical issues are unknowingly ignored. It has been proved through research that it is not just your knowledge that helps you achieve success in life but its your attitude which plays a major role. It is often said that your attitude determines your altitude.
This programme intends to fill in the gap that exists between academic input and success in career and life.
This course aims at working on our attitude and behavior and helping us develop the right strategies for self development. This course derives its major strength from the researches in the field of psychology. The various applied concepts are chosen to be presented to the participants. This course seeks to resolve many of the personal, interpersonal & adjustment issues of its participants by providing them with practical and simple action-steps for implementation in their daily lives. One of the major impacts of this course is that the participants gain enough confidence to work with people in teams and get over easily their phobia of public speaking. This makes them become very confident and helps in boosting their self esteem. This impact is immediate and change is visible and permanent.

For whom:

This course is suitable for people of all professions and disciplines. This course is designed keeping in mind needs of junior and middle management professionals, parents, employees, engineering & management students etc


  • Attitudinal change in participants
  • High motivation levels
  • Increased confidence & self esteem
  • Master public speaking skills – Overcoming stage fear
  • Better self-management skills
  • Better life skills


  1. Attitudinal Change & Learning
  2. Self Esteem and Self Confidence.
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Relationship Skills & Teamwork
  5. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  6. Corporate Etiquette
  7. Time Management & Goal Setting.
  8. Stress Management
  9. Assertiveness Training
  10. English Speaking Skills

Methodology: Presentation, case discussion, participation, role-plays, interactions, exercises etc.
Course material with be provided for each programme. Course material with be provided for each programme.