Inhouse Training on Train the Trainer(TTT)

A complete ‘Faculty Development’ and ‘Train the Trainer’ Certificate training course for all teachers, trainers and aspiring teaching and training professionals.

Course Venue: 529, A-Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon(East), Mumbai-400065.


We are happy to announce our Training for Trainers Certification course for trainers. This  is a practical short-term faculty development certification course in training. Which helps participants learn the concepts of training in classrooms. And also get to practice their training skills by delivering mock sessions of training in classroom, and by getting an opportunity to practice in a real training location. We have tie-ups with agencies and NGOs where our participants are expected to deliver real training sessions. Training is an art which can only be learnt by practice. There is a course available in training by distance learning like Diploma in Training and development  by India Society for Training and Development (ISTD). This is a good course but is a distance learning course. We believe trainers must do more of practicals in training which will help in fine tuning their classroom skills and presentation skills. Distance learning course in training and development offered by any training institution or by Indian Society for training and development may not fulfill the need of a learner to practice the skills.
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For whom: 

Training for Trainers – Train the Trainer Programme

This  certificate course in training is designed exclusively for people who want to become professional trainers. This program is helpful for those who are in training but, have no formal education. This is more than a train the trainer course. This is also for those who are working in training and development department with relevant qualification but still want to sharpen their skills and learn new ways to impart training and education with increased effectiveness. Though trainers practice in the field of training however. many of them do not update themselves from time to time. Doing a distance learning course in training and development does not completely fulfill the need of a training professional. Enrolling for our Train the Trainer course helps trainers continue to upgrade their skills and keep learning. With time, the participants and their expectations change so, the methodologies trainers follow need to be upgraded accordingly.

For Teachers and Faculty – Faculty Development Programme

This training and development course is a great value addition for teachers and those who are in the teaching profession. Teaching is a profession of great responsibility as teachers handle and train our future generation. The knowledge, values and skills imparted to the students decides the destiny of the society and the country. If teachers fail to teach with the right intent, imparting right values and right knowledge, they are not doing justice to their profession. So it is important for all stakeholders to ensure that only the best teachers are filtered and brought into this profession. Teachers must not only be academically brilliant but also have the passion, love and desire to make a positive difference in the lives of the students. Teachers have to play the role of a role model, mentor, counsellor, motivator and leader for students. At the same time, they must also feel the need to be aware of the socio-economic, political, technological and job oriented changes happening around them. Many teachers get so busy in teaching and other day-to-day affairs of the school and their personal lives that they fail to upgrade themselves. This reflects in their quality of teaching and quality of students graduating from schools or colleges. Teachers must be give regular inputs in teaching methodologies researched and practiced in current times along with the softer aspects of teaching like playing the role of a motivator and mentor. Technical and emotional aspects should both be balanced in a teacher and only then they can do real justice to their jobs.

For Aspiring Trainers

There are lot of people who are passionate about teaching and training and they want to become trainers. They may not be from training background and may not have any teaching or training experience. This training of trainers course is ideal for them as we teach them how to become trainers. Basic skills like public speaking, presentation skills, platform skills, communicating to a group, handling a class, facilitating learning in classroom, using different methodologies for teaching and training are all covered in this course. These concepts cannot be learned by just doing a distance learning course. In our training certification course, all these concepts are taught practically by actually making participants do practicals. Lots of exercises and practicals gives them a good practice. Participants are encouraged to take a lot of mock sessions to learn teaching skills in this programme. The practical and hands on methods of experiential learning followed by our training and development course is a boon for an aspiring trainer.  At the end of this course one can expect the participants to be ready to take up training or teaching assignments.

Train The Trainer (TTT) Programme Objective:

  1. To help training coordinators understand the importance and impact of training on people and business.
  2. To teach training coordinators ways to motivate and inspire more participation and involvement from employees and department heads.
  3. To help in-house trainers learn new and interesting methods of training.
  4. To help participants learn to design a training programme
  5. To inspire trainers learn classroom management and participant handling skills.
  6. To improve platform and delivery skills of training coordinators.

Training The Trainers course outline and Programme Contents

  1. Training: Its importance, The role it plays in Organization Development, Sharpening the skills, Capacity Building, Training and Development. Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring.
  2. Moving from Teaching and Training to Facilitating
  3. Marketing a programme: Changing attitude of people, Influencing people into participating, Involving Sr. Management in the training process.
  4. Platform Skills: Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Video Recording of Participants and Feedback.
  5. Classroom Skills: Communicating with participants, Engaging the participants, Keeping the interaction high, Involving people, Handling questions, Managing aggression and indiscipline.
  6. Psychology of Trainees, Understanding Body Language, Eye Contact, Voice Modulation,
  7. Content and delivery- preparing the right content and presentation strategy, story telling and exercises for participants.
  8. Domains of learning, Concept of Specific Learning Objectives.
  9. Different training methods and using teaching aids.
  10. Designing a training module, Evaluation of training
  11. Motivating participants into learning, appreciating, encouraging, supporting and handholding, Rapport building.
  12. Counseling Skills, Coaching and Mentoring Skills

For Whom:  Junior and Middle Management Cadre

Methodology: Lecture, Presentation, Participants Presentation, Interactions, Exercises, Video Recording and Feedback.

Course Material: Course material with be provided


Prof. Praveen Singh

MBA (HRM), DPM&IR, B.A.(Psychology),TOTA, AGI(USA)

Praveen Singh has been actively involved in Training and Consulting since fifteen years in Power, Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure Sector Companies.  He has been working for more than forty companies spread all across India. He is an experienced trainer in Soft-Skills, Attitudinal, Behavioral Training, HRD and Psychology topics.  He earlier worked with an UK based Web Enabled Co. as Human Resource Manager and with a leading  Management Consulting company. Currently he is Empanelled Corporate Trainer with companies like Reliance ADAG, Tata Power, Adani Group,  RBI, RCF, Essel Group, DTPS, CESC, AIPM, NEC, IEMR, Sterling, Etc. He is also an IMO & DG Shipping Certified Maritime Trainer & Consultant to MMTI, SCMS & GURSHIP.

He also teaches MBA and PG Students of Management as Visiting Faculty and is associated with several Business Schools affiliated with Mumbai University and SNDT University. He has been conducting programmes in many cities in India including, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida,  Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Nashik, Mundra(Bhuj), Sagar(MP), Jodhpur, Patna, Goa, Orrisa, Kodaikanal & Cochin. Having traveled to many countries in Europe, including The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium & France, is exposed to different work cultures.