ECCEd certificate course in Mumbai

Course Timings: 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. on every Saturdays for 1 year. New batches start every 2 months.

Course Venue: 529, A-Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon(East), Mumbai – 400065.

Introduction to the ECCED Certificate Course

This is an ideal child psychology course designed for pre-primary, nursery, kindergarten or Montessori teachers in Mumbai. With more and more play schools and pre-primary schools opening up in and around our localities, the need for trained Montessori teachers is growing in Mumbai.  In a play school very small children come and to handle them and manage them is not easy. It’s a job of a specialist teacher. Managing and handling a child in a nursery is a very sensitive issue from the point of children’s safety to his/her social, psychological and emotional well being.

certificate course batch ECCEd in Mumbai certificate course in ECCEd in Mumbai

Why Doing an ECCED course is Important?

Untrained people handling the child can have a serious impact on the child’s mental and emotional well being. It may leave the child traumatised and scared for a long time. The child must be handled by professionals who have been trained to understand the psychology of the child and knows ways to ensure that the child feels safe, and is comfortable.  Not only that, but the child should also feel happy to be there in play school. In a comfortable environment the child can learn, grow and develop the social skills, which will form the basis of his primary education and further studies.

Only a person who is trained under a professional and a child psychologist can create this kind of environment. Our course curriculum deals with these issues in detail and aims at preparing the right candidates for job in a play school, nurseries, kindergarten or a Montessori school.

We have a very good team of educationalist, developmental psychologists, special educators, clinical and counselling psychologist and other remedial teachers who give and excellent insight into how a child must be handled and dealt with in a play school.  In this course we not only training teachers but also counsel them into becoming a good play school or pre-primary teachers.

Our course is both classroom based and practical. We provide on the job training with our partner  pre-primary schools and play groups.

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Early Childhood Care and Education Course Objectives:

To prepare teachers who can work in Play Schools and Nurseries:

  • To impart the right education along with practical training to the participants
  • To train the participants to handle small children and take good care of them in a play school, nursery or a preschool.
  • To teach and to mentally prepare the participants with education and counselling to ensure they know the importance of their jobs.
  • To teach participants the concepts of child psychology, human development, health and nutrition, special education etc to develop them holistically for a pre-primary teacher’s job.
  • To develop the right skills in a pre-primary teachers to make them employable in a pre-school and nursery.

Early Childhood Care and Education Course: For Whom

This is an ideal course for those:

  • Who want to learn child psychology to be able to handle and deal with children better at home or professionally
  • Who want to seek employment in a play school, pre-school, nursery, kindergarten or primary schools.
  • Who are already working with children and want to formally learn and get trained to be able to do their jobs better
  • Who aspire to take employment in any institution, where they will be dealing with children
  • Who want to start their own play school and nursery and are seeking right education and training for the same.
  • Who are students and are looking for a professional and job oriented course to ensure they have a job in hand

Early Childhood Care and Education Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to Early Childhood Care and Education
  2. Child Psychology and special education – Teaching strategies for children, Academic and behavioural issues of children
  3. Human Development with focus on child development
  4. Child Care and concerns in a preschool and nursery
  5. Child Health and Nutrition
  6. Means, Methods and Materials for Child Engagement and Learning
  7. Soft Skills and life skills for a pre-primary teacher
  8. Activity Session – Tools, games, toys, play therapy, arts and craft for teachers.
  9. Speech therapy and phonics
  10. Counseling skills with special focus on parent counselling.

Extra: This Early Childhood Care and Education Course also involves practical training in schools, workshops by experts and seniors, projects etc.

The participants will get an opportunity to work as an intern in a play school to observe and learn from real life situations. We have our partner schools nearby where the practical exposure will be given to our participants.

Course Duration: One Year

Classes both on week days and weekend with flexible timings.

For admission and other queries please contact:

Praveen Singh


Director & Lead Faculty

Cogito Training & Counseling Centre

529, A Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall,

Royal Palms, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon (East), Mumbai – 400065

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