Montessori Teachers Training Course in Mumbai

Course Timings: 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on every Saturdays for 1 year. New batches start every 3 months.

Course Venue: 529, A-Wing, Mainframe Building, Near Orchid Mall, Royal Palms Estate, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon(East), Mumbai – 400065.

Introduction to  Montessori Teacher’s Training Course in Mumbai

Montessori teachers training course has now become must for all those who want to work as a per-primary teacher. This is a very important and responsible job as this is that stage of a child’s life which prepares it for schooling.

A good nursery or Montessori teacher’s training course must be designed to ensure it is effective enough to impart the right attitude, knowledge and skills in future Montessori teachers. Concepts of child psychology and development psychology and special education must be taught in a structured way to prepare the nursery teachers who are able to handle children with utmost care and concern.

Montessori-teachers-training-course Montessori teachers training course in Mumbai

The child is innocent and it’s the first time it moves out of the comfort of this home and goes into a different world. The child may be scared and nervous as it is exposed to a new environment. The role of a nursery school teacher is very important here. The nursery teacher has to ensure that the child is comfortable in this new environment and is also excited about it. It the first time the child has stepped out of his home and is away from parents and family members. Not only a soft and sensitive approach is needed here to handle the child but also the teachers must be trained on issues like child psychology, child development, handling and engaging creatively. This is a serious job and is far more complex than it was earlier thought. The reason being, that in a nursery the child is in its growing years and is small, anxious and vulnerable. The child may not be in a position to express its fears and concerns. Any unpleasant experience may leave the child scared and traumatised. This may leave him with permanent scar in his personality and he or she may have adjustment issues in later part of his life. A Montessori teacher has to ensure that the child is extremely comfortable and his experience in a pre-primary school is positive, encouraging, safe and happy for him.

Montessori  courses must be focused on the needs of a child. A Montessori course or nursery courses helps the participants understand the psychology of a child. A child is totally different in its approach and views regarding the world. A child perceives the world as it sees and experiences it.

It worth recalling the various learning styles of children. This explains why a nursery teacher must be professionally trained.

Montessori Learning Styles:

Different children learn things differently. There are different learning styles through which children learn. It is about their preference, personality and pre- disposition. It could even be genetic. They may also develop a natural affinity towards a certain style during their early years. A pre-primary teacher needs to understand these styles and know that a child might show one or many such preferred techniques.

  • Visual  or Spatial  : They prefer using pictures, images, and spatial references for understanding, learning and retention.
  • Aural or Auditory- Sound/Musical : They prefer learning through sound and music. They may claim that music or sound helps them to focus and concentrate. Music for many cuts off other distractions.
  • Verbal or linguistic/ Language : They prefer using words to express, describe and emote. They are creative in their writings and can create visuals through words. They may be experts in both in speech and writing.
  • Physical or Kinesthetic : They are physical learners. They prefer doing it with their own hands, experiencing it and learning by practice. They like using body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Logical or Mathematical : These students prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.
  • Social or Interpersonal : They are people’s person. They prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
  • Solitary or Interpersonal : They prefer to work alone and use self-study.

A child may or may not possess just one style of learning. He or she may display many more combinations of the above learning style preferences. They may have a prominent or most preferred style and may also have many backup styles of learning preferences. The auditory child may also be social or even logical.

As a pre-school teacher or a primary school teacher, the most important challenge is to understand and know what is the style of learning that the child or the student prefers. Based on that knowledge, the nursery teacher has to create groups for children by categorizing as per their preferred learning styles and then create or develop the right teaching methods accordingly. Right teaching methods and teaching design must be employed for each group. This is the proactive role expected from the primary and Montessori teachers.

The primary school teachers must also do a research on how the methods adopted by them for teaching these students are effective and if there is  need to improve the teaching design or change the design further to improve the effectiveness of learning.

There is always a possibility of personal bias of the nursery teachers. The teachers may have their own personally preferred learning styles, which they may think to be more effective than others and thus keep imposing it on the children. So a teacher has to understand that the learning design has to be developed keeping in mind the needs and learning styles of the students not their own preferred styles.

Montessori Teacher’s Training Course Objectives

  • To prepare the right nursery teachers to work in Pre-Schools and Nurseries
  • To impart the right child development training to the participants
  • To prepare the teachers to handle small children with utmost care, concern and sensitivity in a Pre-school and nursery.
  • To prepare the participants with right attitudinal and behavioural training along with Counselling.
  • To teach participants the concepts of child psychology, human development, health and nutrition, special education etc to develop them holistically for a pre-primary teacher’s job.
  • To develop the pre-primary teachers to make them employable in a pre-school and nursery.

Montessori Teacher’s Training Course : For Whom

  • This course is suitable for all those who want to learn child psychology to be able to handle and deal with children better in a play group or in a preschool.
  • This course is suitable for those who are looking for employment in a pre-school, nursery, kindergarten or primary schools.
  • It’s an ideal course for those who are already working with nurseries and pre-school.
  • It’s for all who aspire to take employment in any school, where they will be dealing with small children.
  • Teachers who want to start their own play school and nursery and are seeking right education and training for the same.
  • It ‘s also ideal for Students who are looking for a professional and job oriented course to ensure they have a job in hand

Montessori Training Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to Nursery Teachers Training – Theories, Principles and Pedagogy.
  2. Special Education and Child Psychology Training – Teaching strategies for children, Academic and behavioural issues of children
  3. Child Development Issues and Concerns
  4. Child Care in a Preschool and Nursery
  5. Child Health and Nutrition
  6. Methodology and Materials for Child Care and Engagement
  7. Life skills and emotional intelligence for a pre-primary teacher
  8. Activity Classes for teachers – Tools, games, toys, play therapy, arts and craft for teachers.
  9. Speech therapy and phonics
  10. Counselling skills with special focus on parent counselling.This Nursery Teachers Training Course also involves practical training in schools, workshops by experts and seniors, projects etc.The participants will get an opportunity to work as an intern in a preschool to observe and learn from real life situations. We have our partner pre schools, where the practical training will be given.

Course Duration: One Year

Classes both on week days and weekend with flexible timings.

For admission and other queries please contact:

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