We conduct various kinds of psychological tests and administer therapies for all age groups. We do counseling for different adjustment as well as behavioral and emotional problems. We have an expert team of Clinical & Counseling Psychologists.

Psychological Assessment & Counseling at our Centre

  • Aptitude Testing for Career and Vocational Guidance
  • IQ Testing
  • Personality Testing
  • Pre-School Testing & Special Education
  • Psychological Counseling & Therapy

Career Aptitude (DAT) test, which is an aptitude test for career guidance for students of std VIII to XII. The complete package includes IQ tests, Interest tests and personality tests as well.

This package includes

  • Aptitude test( Differential Aptitude Test) – It has seven subtests
  • IQ test – NVTI (Non verbal test of intelligence)
  • Interest test
  • Personality test – HSPQ(High school personality questionnaire)
  • Career Counseling & Vocational Guidance

Career Interest Test:

This test can be conducted on High School & Above age groups. This test tries to find out the natural interest and liking of the person towards a particular career.

IQ Tests:

Intelligence is the capacity of a person to learn new things. This test measures person’s potentiality and acquired knowledge and the difference within.

Personality Testing:

Get an idea about your personality traits and do a SWOT Analysis of self. This helps individuals, employees and the organization to judge themselves and their performance at work. This also serves as an indicator of their Interpersonal Relationship by finding out the facilitating factors and the hindrances of the self. It also serves as an indicator of one’s Attitude.

Counseling Services

For various kinds of Psychological, Emotional   and Adjustment related problems and issues e.g.

  • Emotional disturbances, Depression, Stress disorders
  • Relationship counseling, Anger Management
  • Low confidence and passive behaviour
  • Learning disabilities
  • Beak-ups, separations and divorce.
  • Low concentration and poor memory
  • Low motivation & drive.
  • Accepting change & resistance to change.