Public Speaking Classes in Mumbai

Prof. Praveen Singh has been conducting open Public Speaking Classes in Mumbai since 2010 and also in-house public speaking training with many of his corporate clients all across India. He also conducts one-to-one coaching and mentoring. His public Speaking and personality development classes and courses are very popular among students, junior professionals, entrepreneurs and various groups of individuals who want to build their confidence to stand and talk to a crowd. Prof. Praveen Singh conducts these public speaking classes in Goregaon (East), Mumbai centre. Participants from all over Mumbai have participated in his Public Speaking Classes. Students from places like Powai, Andheri, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Borivali and  Goregaon have been  attending our public speaking and personality development classes. To know more about our Public Speaking Courses in Mumbai and the batches please contact 9869018775 or email us on

public speaking classes in mumbai  public speaking classes being conducted in mumbai

Importance of Public Speaking Skills

In one of the seminars a speaker was narrating a story about a cow in California. This cow was getting auctioned for just two dollars. Someone asked why only two dollars? Then someone from the crowd present there replied, “It is getting auctioned for two dollars because it does everything except giving milk”.  This speaker was trying to equate a manager without public speaking skills with this cow and said, if a manager cannot speak in public he is just worth two dollars like that cow.

So the moral of this story is that anyone who is, or want to be in a position of authority, he must have the ability to address his people else he is deemed useless. Such is the importance of public speaking. We can’t imagine a leader without public speaking skills. To reach out to a large audience and to get across your views you must be a good orator. You may be highly educated, qualified and experienced but if you cannot express yourself and speak to a group, all goes in vain. So the key to success is to work on your ability to speak to a group and develop the skills needed. So it’s advised that at least one must attend public speaking course to learn and develop the skills.

Public Speaking Classes can help you learn the skills

Public speaking skills can be debated on the lines of leadership skills and many believe it is an inborn ability, like they say a leader is born not made. Fortunately we may not be born with an ability to speak flawlessly but we can learn and develop this ability by practice and improvisations facilitated by an experienced faculty during a good public speaking training . No one is a born speaker; they all work hard to get there. The key to become a good speaker is practice. This is an art which can only be mastered by doing it again and again. This is what is offered in a professional public speaking course. This is the reason why all must attend a public speaking course once. To attend our public speaking course and know more details about the same please call us on 9869018775 and we shall be glad to help you.

Our Public Speaking Classes Details:

Course Title: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with Confidence Building

Programme Duration: Total of five sessions spread over weekends (Saturdays)

Time: 3pm to 5pm

Public Speaking Classes – Programme Objectives:

  1. To help participants develop the confidence to speak in public
  2. To teach participants ways to deliver speech.
  3. To develop participant’s platform skills
  4. To give participants tips to improve their language and communication skills.
  5. To help participants learn to deliver high impact presentation.
  6. To train participants on effective use of audio visual aids including use of PPTs
  7. To remove the fear of making presentations and in doing public speaking.

Public Speaking Classes – Course Contents:

  1. The basic rules of public speaking.
  2. Fighting the fear
  3. Mastering the art of communication for public speaking
  4. Controlling and coordinating the Mind and tongue speed by handling the anxiety effectively.
  5. Body language – Eyes, gestures, postures, body movements.
  6. Voice modulation and speech
  7. Effective Presentation Skills. High impact presentations.
  8. Speech Clarity, Content and Correct Sequence.
  9. Learning to prepare and give Impromptu speech.
  10. Preparing a winning speech and planning for a impactful presentation
  11. Use of Audio Visuals – Projector, Slides, PPTs, Holding the Mic etc.
  12. Feedback through Video recording and playback.
  13. Managing the audience, Taking questions.
  14. Fine tuning the platform skills
  15. Self evaluations and feedback

Benefits of our Public Speaking Classes: Increased confidence, developed self esteem, improved self image, better communication and speech skills, impactful presentation skills.

Public Speaking Classes – Training Methodology: This is a highly interactive and exercise based training course, we teach through presentations, Interactions, discussions, activities, speech practices, video recording, feedback, personal coaching etc.

Course Fees: Please contact us with participant details to avail special discounts (Mobile: 9869018775).

Three Main Pillars of Public Speaking

There are few issues which people face on the way to becoming a good speaker. First is confidence, second is language and third is content. Now the sequence of learning is reverse here. First one must be competent enough and technically sound enough to be able to talk on a subject. Without knowledge no amount of confidence can help. So before you set out to become a speaker, do your homework well. Be educated, get trained, be well informed, have a reasonable amount of command over the topic and the subject before you hit the platform. So a good preparation is the base of public speaking.

After you are ready with the subject and are well prepared, then comes the command over the language. A speaker must be good in the language that he or she chooses to talk. Language is the mode through which knowledge is delivered. So a speaker must now work on developing a fair command over the language of delivery.

And the third and the last important skills is platform skills. It is human nature to be conscious of the fact that he is going be observed, judged and critically evaluated by a large number of people present in the audience. This makes the person very conscious, anxious and fills him with doubts and anticipations of failure to perform. This converts into anxiety and makes him uncomfortable. In first few seconds of public speaking his anxiety takes over him completely and may make him go blank. This is a very distressing situation for the person. He fails badly, not because he was not prepared with the topic but because of the stress that he experienced. His voice may choke, legs may shiver, he may not be able to see anything, and worst he may forget all that he knows right on the platform. Often this experience is so bad for some, that they decide never to stand on a platform ever again in their lives. Thus closing the doors of public speaking for him completely.

Public Speaking Tips for Beginners:

How do we start the journey in this situation? The way ahead seems difficult and for many it looks impossible considering the stress and anxiety experienced while speaking in public. The following steps may help you and take you further. Coupled with expert coaching from us, you can become an excellent public speaker within few months.

Realisation of Anxiety and Coping with it.

One must realise that anxiety in public speaking is very normal and there is no speaker in this world, who do not face it. Winston Churchill had once famously said that, “whenever I stand up to speak, my mind sits down”. If Churchill faced it, who are we? So please realise that anxiety will be there. We will have to face it and still go ahead and do public speaking. The trick is that when we start speaking this anxiety takes over and chokes us and makes us forget all that we had planned to say. But if we still go for it again the second time, anxiety comes back again to choke us but is weaker this time. If we survive the second attempt and go for third attempt of public speaking, it still comes to stop us but this time it fails to stop us. Now there is this pattern that we must understand. More and more we speak ignoring the anxiety that we feel, it gets weaker and weaker. By our resolve and determination to become a good speaker, we defeat the anxiety. But the anxiety never goes away. When we keep practicing and continue to do public speaking whenever and wherever we get an opportunity, it actually becomes our friend. This anxiety now starts helping us to remember things we want to say. It actually makes us alert, careful and sensitive and helps us in giving our best.

So for a beginner, the mantra should be, “I am ready to face the fear, I am ready to feel scared, I am ready to get humiliated, I am ready to be laughed at, I am ready to fail in public speech attempts but, I am not ready to give up.”

Lesson: Continue to seek opportunities to speak in public, do not give up in any case, believe that very soon you will learn to manage the anxiety and make it  your friend who will actually start working in your favour.

Preparing for the speech.

Public speaking is a serious business we ought to take it seriously and do justice to it by giving our best. To give our best we must devote a lot of time reading, researching, exploring, analysing and practicing. Public speaking is done for an audience who comes to listen to you with great expectations. They come with an intention of learning and expect the orator to make a lot of sense. Do not let them down.

At a personal level, the secret of being more confident in public speaking is your expertise. For an expert it is quite easy to explain and convince and also to take any questions from an audience. A person may have good platform skills but if he lacks content and knowledge of the topic he is supposed to speak, he will lose the confidence.

In preparation there are two things to be done. One is to master the subject and know the content very well, and second is to practice speech. Practicing can be done by standing in one corner of your room and imagining that you are on a platform or stage and then talking they way you intend to talk during a real life situation. This is called mock practice. Mock practice can be done as many times as possible till you feel confident enough for the real speech. You may like to video shoot your mock speech and see it to check for the flaws and get ideas for improvement.

Lesson : No amount of smartness can compensate for lack of practice and knowledge. Be well prepared with the subject and be well versed with the topic. This is the secret of being confident.

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