We at Cogito Training & Counselling Centre have a transparent system of functioning as far as refund policy is concerned. We have different services that we offer and have a different policy for different services which is mentioned as follows:

Certificate Course in Psychology & Counseling

For participants of this course, we offer concessions to those who take admission in advance, Usually this advance date is mentioned in every new course brochure that we sent to the participants. The advance date of availing the discount is usually a week prior to the date of starting the course. We also offer group discounts.

For those who may not be able to attend the programme for any reason after having secured the admission and paying the fees, we offer them seat in the next batch. If they want to opt out of the course before the course begins they are eligible for a full refund.

Those who have paid the fees but have not attended the programme and they also do not wish to attend the course in future for some reason are also eligible for a full refund.

Those who attend one session or few sessions but have not completed all the sessions are not eligible for any refund. However they will be allowed to attend our subsequent batches on conditions of availability of seats. The final decision in this regard will be taken by our Director.

Training Hall & Meeting rooms on Hire

We offer our conference room on hire to outside parties, institutions, corporate and individuals on hourly basis and per day basis (seven hours)

We also offer our meeting rooms to outside parties, institutions, corporate and individuals on hourly basis and per day basis(seven hours)

For hall booking and meeting room booking we charge in advance in full amount. Once the training hall or meeting room is booked, it cannot be cancelled as after we confirm the booking, we block it for the concerned party and keep it ready for them.

If any party fails to use our training hall or meeting room, on the day/days/dates booked by them  for any reason, we consider it as used and do not offer any refund on the amount charged.

The said amount will not be used or transferred for any other day for booking the training hall or meeting room. They will have to do the booking again for a new day or date by following the same process of paying in advance and in full.

The final decision in any such issue will taken by our director.