Course in Training & Development

Course in Training & Development

Need for Faculty Development Programme & Train the Trainer Programme

There are many people who want to become technical trainers, soft skill trainers, corporate trainers or get into teaching profession. Unfortunately there are hardly any institution where practical, on-the-job, and real time trainer the trainer programme, training and development course is being organised. All we have are various courses which are theoretical, classroom, and pedagogy style of teaching offering courses in training & development. There are few correspondence and distance learning diploma courses in training and development. How can training for trainers be taught by correspondence? There was always a need for a practical, hands on course in training, where aspiring trainers learn to become trainers by actually doing practicals in training. A course where they learn to use the concepts of training by putting them into practice and learn by delivery. Of course importance of theory can’t be denied but along with theoretical lessons practice must also be provided. We conduct a certificate programme on training and development at our centre in Mumbai.

Our Practical Approach in Training

In this training and development certification course we have tried to incorporate the missing link of training practicals. We make trainers do a lot of mock training by making participants implement the learnings in classroom. Trainers are also given assignments to design their own training and create lesson plans. Another important feature of this training is real time experience. Participants are taken to real training sessions in Mumbai, and made to observe and learn. They are also given assignments to deliver programmes and take classes elsewhere and report their learning and mistakes.

Useful for Corporate Training

Imparting education and skill development to its people is one of the most crucial skills that an organization must possess. Transfer of knowledge is very important for growth and development of an organization. Often this transfer is effectuated through training which is facilitated by in-house training professionals. To ensure an effective and smooth transfer of knowledge, organizations need to develop a team of trained training professionals. This is achieved by organizing faculty development programmes on regular intervals. This “Training of Trainers” course in Mumbai, with this certificate course in training, is one of the training initiatives exclusively designed for faculty development programme. This training and development course aims at developing in-house faculties by giving specific training inputs helping them sharpen their training skills making it interesting & effective. Any diploma in training and development or a course in training and development can’t be effective if it is not done practically. We have at our centre in Mumbai, tried our best to give a practical, job oriented training and development course for all the training professionals to benefit.

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